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"The Big O" Montreal Olympic Stadium Wallpaper 1024 x 768

The Big O

"The Big O", Montreal's Olympic Stadium, looks fvckin cool. More of a spaceship than any type of conventional stadium, the Big O is flanked by the Montreal Tower, which holds the stadium's roof in place and has a fabulous observatory on the top floor for all to gaze upon downtown just a few kilometers away. Taking the external elevator to the observatory on the "back" of the inclined Tower is also pretty interesting as far as ascents go. A trip to the Olympic Park is not only an architectural and scenic delight, however; you also have access to the Biodome, a converted velodrome from the Olympics, which now houses all kinds of lifeforms - plants, animals, insects, you know, a kind of "nature expose" for the city dweller. And finally, you can also go relax in the Botanical Gardens, licated right across the street from the stadium and containing a gorgeous Chinese garden, complete with waterfalls and floating loti. All in all, a trip to the Big O offers all kinds of experiences at an amazingly low kilometers per experience rate!

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