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Gordon Freeman & Alyx Vance  Wallpaper 1024 x 768

Gordon Freeman & Alyx Vance

Early in Half-Life2, Alyx Vance meets Gordon Freeman for the first time. She doesn't previously know him, but she knows of him. Alyx first encounter with Gordon is in a building in City 17, Gordon still unarmed without his HEV suit and crowbar, beaten unconscious by combine forces. She revives and rescues Gordon and takes him to Dr. Kleiner and Barney Calhoun, who provides him with his HEV suit and the crowbar. Alyx and Gordon work together through Half-Life2. Alyx protecting and arming Gordon, not least with the Gravity Gun. Alyx also shows up from time to time, opening doors and hacking through combine security. Gordon and Alyx also have some fighting together where they protect each other. During the game, Alyx can die, if not protected by Gordon, thus ending the game.

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